Welcome back to the rink.

The health and well being of our members is one of our main priorities in the 2020/21 season. CurlCanada, CurlSask, the Board and Staff of the TRCC have contributed in the establishment of a guide that will allow us to re-open the doors! Curling's "pause" is in effect to at least January 15. Currently only youth under the age of 18 can practice and to a maximum of 8 participants within the entire ice area. Notice will be provided on this site (home page banner at top) and our Facebook site when (and if) we're able to resume. 

Health experts have stated that the transmission of viruses can be elevated during sport. It is strongly suggested that to continue play, we respect the social distancing guidelines set out by Health Canada in all areas of the facility. Luckily, we can participate in our sport with some minor changes, while many others are still on the sidelines.

The biggest change is the 2 sweeper format has been paused due to their proximity to each other. Only one designated sweeper is allowed per rock until further notice. Another minor inconvenience is that there is no sweeping behind the hog line by the opposing team. Yes, curling may seem a bit different for now,

This may be an opportune time to experience different variations of the game. Sterling, mixed doubles and doubles curling are being looked at as leagues. These styles of our sport see a premium placed on throwing skills and less on sweeping. Strategy is at a premium and a typical game takes roughly an hour. Social distancing is built into the format as 2 player teams are involved. Whatever your choice of curling is, we want it to be safe and enjoyable.

The curling 20/21 season will be offered in two parts this year. Fall curling will be October through December. The winter league will be Jan through March. All fees for the respective term are due prior to the commencement of league play and considered non-refundable once the first draw of the league has been played. This format will have multiple benefits.

Firstly, some may need to gauge how safe they feel in closer contact with others. It will lessen their financial obligation if they choose to opt in or out for part of the season.

Secondly, it will allow the board members to act as financial custodians and make prudent decisions in a time where we could be forced to close on a moment’s notice. There is always the possibility of a pause of the season. This pause could turn into weeks or months. Decisions based on pauses and closures will be fluid and based on the factors during these times. The large financial costs with setting up the building will need to be covered hence the non refundable aspect.

On behalf of all of our sponsors and curling partners we want to assure you we are doing our best during these trying times. We will get through this and one day enjoy life as we knew it. We ask that you do your best in following these guidelines in hopes that things quickly return to normal as well.

Building and Ice Area Guidelines

The wearing of masks is highly advised.

The locker rooms are closed for the duration of the season.

Club owned equipment (brooms, sliders, etc.) will be available for use. Check with the Manager so that we provide sanitized equipment.

To help keep us all safe each curler must sign and adhere to a declaration of compliance at the time of dues payment.

To ensure indemnity for TRCC, all curlers are required to sign a waiver of liability regarding covid 19 at the time of dues payment.

Teams - Any substitute players other than registered team members must be recorded with name and address in the sub book advance of the draw. This also applies to spectators. These records will be placed in a sub file and visited only for the parameters of contact tracing if required by health authorities.

Curlers are required to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to draw time. 

Benches at the North East and South East corners of the building will be provided to take off winter boots/shoes. These can be placed on a communal rack at the building entrances. 

When you arrive check the draw sheets posted at the North end (or video screen at the South end) for your assigned sheet. Use one of the 8 chairs placed behind that sheet as your own for staging for your draw. Please observe social distancing guidelines. If you can hit them with your broom (husbands exempt) ...they are too close.

Stones will have been sanitized by the ice crew or member volunteer. Sanitization cloths are placed behind the home end of sheets 1,3,5.

At draw time players are asked to enter the ice area as follows; sheets 3 and 4 via the South & North doors respectively, after a couple minutes sheets 2 and 5 via the South & North doors respectivley and finally sheets 1 and 6 via North & South doors.  Please observe distancing guidelines while in the ice area. For those requiring the use of the restrooms while on the ice , please utilize the locker room washrooms to minimize debris tracking from the lobby. 

Since lockers are closed please bring your valuables to the ice area or leave them on your designated chair. Once the draw begins the inside lobby door will be locked to deter theft.


Inter-team stone changing during play is strictly prohibited for this season.

All players will have designated areas that they must utilize during different aspects of the game. To see these click here

Only one sweeper is allowed at a time for a total of 3 'in play'. The person in charge of the house is not allowed to sweep in the house.

No sweeping from the opposition team behind the hog line is allowed.

Scoreboards will be utilized; one person hang score for both teams. Score tiles will be sanitized by ice staff prior to the game.

Measuring tools are to be thoroughly sanitized immediately after each use. Current game must be paused until this important task is completed.

On the advice of our industry partners water coolers will not be provided this year.

Handshakes are to be replaced with a non-contact wave, thumbs up or other gesture. (See husbands hit with brooms above). This includes pre or post game.

Curl Canada has come up with a PDF of protocols for this year's operations. Please familiarize yourself with these changes. For a more in-depth look at these please click here.

Masks and social distance guidelines in the bar area are the responsibility of the kitchen operator.

The Board of Directors, Sponsors and Club Manager want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we all try and get through this worldwide health emergency. For those who have witnessed personal tragedies from Covid 19 we send our deepest regards.

We would like to hear any other ideas that you feel would keep you comfortable and safe during these trying times. We can be reached at manager@battlefordscurling.com